Are You Paying 6.25 % Texas State Sales Tax on Your Residential Electric Bill?

by Donny on September 7, 2012

Did you know if you are a residential electric service customer you are not required to pay 6.25 % states sales tax that a few providers have been caught trying to charge their customers in the past?

Where do you think this erroneous charge goes when the provider takes it from you? That’s right, it goes right in their bank account and straight to their bottom line. They collect the tax but they don’t send it to the state because the state never asked for it because it was never supposed to be charged in the first place.

I recommend all residential electric service customers get out their electric bill and make sure they are not being charged state sales tax because they absolutely should not be.

The PUCT has already ordered a handful of companies to reimburse their customers for charging them these false taxes.

If you would like to report an electric provider for charging you state sales tax of 6.25 % on your Tyler electric bill feel free to post a comment below with a link to the image of your electric bill that shows these false charges.

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