Commercial Electric Rates, Mystery Solved

by Donny on September 13, 2012

commelectricA big stumbling block to shopping for an affordable commercial electric rate is getting to the point where you can trust a company to lead you down a path to a good provider that really does offer a cheap rate and quality service.

When we speak of quality service we do not mean the quality of electricity coming through the lines as that quality is the same regardless of the company chosen.

The quality I am talking about is that your electric usage is accurately measured and billed correctly. For a large industrial company you may be penalized for having some old faulty wiring at your facility.

Your provider might be charging you state sales tax even though you qualify for an exemption. There may be additional ancillary charges and fees hidden in that area that disguise what your actual locked in fixed rate is.

A provider might have mislead you into believing your rate is 2 cents cheaper than all the other providers simply because they are comparing your rate locked in 2 years ago with rates competing providers are quoting you now.

Consider that if you have a rate from two years ago that has 2 months left until it expires your current provider might be comparing that old rate with current market prices. When the rate expires your current provider will have to buy and sell you energy based on current market prices just like the other providers have been quoting you.

Just because your rate looks good from a locked in contract you inked two years ago does not mean that will be the same rate you will pay when your contract expires.

Prices may have gone way up or way down since you signed that agreement so it is important to not compare prices based on an outdated contract price but instead get electricity quote comparisons based on current market prices on similar terms.

Our energy consulting company will create a detailed proposal that compares apple to apple terms such as getting multiple providers to bid on 6 month, 1, 2, 3, 5 year fixed electric rate agreements.

You will be able to compare prices based on the same term agreements at the current market price.

manuDon’t let a provider try and tell you to compare on old contract price with current market prices simply because it makes their price look better. If you ask them if they can extend that rate out a year or longer they would have to tell you they can’t if market prices are higher than that.

Our company charges our fee to the provider and it is a fixed fee meaning we do not lower and raise our fee based on the customer. Some “energy consulting” companies we know of only work with 1 or 2 providers only because these providers will let them mark-up their commission on a rate to whatever the consultant wants.

With the trust of the business on the consultants side the dishonest energy consultant will mark-up a rate as high as a 1 cent higher than what would be considered normal.

This price gouging by the misuse of the customers trust happens all the time but it has never happened and never will happen with our company.

We have agreements with around 20 electric suppliers and our consulting fees are fixed and charged to the provider.

Our promise to you is that through our reverse auction process we can achieve a cheaper Tyler electric rate than you could on your own.

Please give us a call and speak with one of our energy consultants to get started today! 1-800-971-4020

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