Residential Electricity in Tyler, Consumers Lost in Confusing Maze

by Donny on February 18, 2016

The hunt for a good residential rate is confusing because the act of selling electricity is often a masquerade of deceptive sales copy and missing price elements that should be in the rate.

The pole and wires charges are often pointed at as the real culprit of higher prices by the MLM sales newbies in some of the network marketing groups out there.

I have talked to multiple people that think because they signed up with a network sales electricity service company they will not have to worry about the pole and wire charges.

Don’t believe the numerous confusing aspects of taking your nose off the trail of the lowest price for energy.

In reality pole and wire charges are the same with each electric provider as they come from the same company, Oncor.

The electric companies must pass these charges on to their customers as is and they don’t have a say in the matter.

Since each electric company does their billing a little different a sales guy can show you a bill next to a different companies bill and make it seem like one company doesn’t charge these pole charges while the other one does.

A helpful tip to knock through all this confusion is to look on each bill for something that says, “the average price you paid for electricity this month is”

That rate that follows this sentence will be the all-in total rate you paid and believe me it includes the pole charges.

Our widget on this site averages in all fees and charges and shows you what your all-in rate will look like so you can easily compare prices to know your getting a good rate.

Our widget was developed so that if you know the all-in rate that someone else has offered you it will be easy to compare with the prices on this site.

If your rate quoted to you appears 2 – 3 cents cheaper than the prices on our widget than beware as you may have been had. It could be that they did not average in the “customer fee” or perhaps they also left off the TDSP charges also known as pole charges.

In summary, we hope this article has helped you in your search for a good Tyler electric rate. Use our widget by entering your zipcode and see what kind of savings are out there today.

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