What is Your Average Electric Rate You Pay Each Month?

by Donny on April 1, 2010

When shopping for electric rates in Tyler Texas you can begin by taking out your electricity bill and looking for a line item that is required to be on your bill by the Texas state government. Somewhere on the bill will be an “average rate” that averages in all fees and charges. This is a bottom line number that will make it much easier when you begin to shop and compare Tyler electricity rates with other companies selling electric service in the Tyler area.

What you should do is take that number you found on your electric bill and use a good comparison chart that compares multiple electricity companies to make an understandable decision. There are a few comparison charts that don’t do the greatest job in showing you the “all-in” rate that includes everything but their are others like the one we have created that makes the process simple. Never will you be surprised after shopping, comparing, and switching to an electric company on our site. The rate you see on our site is the same rate you will be paying your electric provider.

We have gone so far as to average in all fees and charges into a clear average based on an estimated average the general Texas population uses each month. If you are not happy with the conservative average we have chosen you can choose your own average in our chart and recalculate your electric rate. The Tyler Energy rate will recalculate based on what you estimate your average electric usage in Tyler is and will hopefully make things a little clearer for you during the shopping process.

Not all of the electricity prices on our comparison chart are fixed electricity rates but when they are not you will only find variable electricity prices on the variable tab. For those who only want to sign up on a predictable locked in fixed electric rate it will be simple as we have all of those rate plans on our “Fixed” tab. You can scroll through the list of fixed electric rates and view how long and for how many months they are locked in for.

Once you have decided on an electricity rate you are very happy with you can click on the sign up link to learn more or continue and sign up online for electricity service in Tyler.

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